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Joanne Rivera

Joanne Rivera is a consummate business development expert who credits her success from the work ethic displayed by her father, having to sell cigarettes and newspapers at the age of seven on the streets of Cebu City, Philippines to help with the family’s finances. Armed with the business acumen and soulful leadership, Joanne has catapulted her career in sales & marketing.

Joanne graduated with a BA in Journalism but never thought she would be where she is today. In sales. It wasn’t the type of job that you volunteer for right after college.

Nevertheless, during her first year of a 15-year career, Joanne had to go door-to-door knocking on small to mid-size businesses representing blue-chip companies such as AT&T, Pepco energy services, Disney, Office Depot, Staples,, AOL just to name a few.

Working in the metro Washington DC area, knocking on doors and cold calling 70-100 businesses a day, only to earn 10 yes’s and $100 commission was the hardest job Joanne ever had to face. Working in the rain, sleet, and snow, she saw the experience as an opportunity to gain skills in effective communication. It was a pleasant surprise for her that sales became an accidental career

Door-to-door B2B and residential sales cemented the foundation for her to take on challenges in building teams, managing and coaching. She does not take “no” for an answer and does not easily “quit”. Her hands-on approach to sales leadership awarded her the respect and reputation given by her colleagues from past to present.

After 5 years working at Cydcor, Joanne decided to try her hand with direct mail marketing. She was approached by a local recruiter whose client needed help expanding into Northern Virginia. This gave Joanne working knowledge of local advertising and design. She successfully managed a team of account executives and had oversight on the design of the print advertising for the clients. They were not only able to grow the territory; they were also able to grow the Merchandiser Newspapers distribution which doubled the number of account executives within a short period of time.

Shortly after this, Joanne was called by a former colleague from Cydcor asked if she was interested in the Hair Restoration business. After having been a sales manager, she thought that going back to being an individual contributor and learning a new product, more importantly, a new type of relationship selling, would give her ore purpose in the service or product she sold. She decided to leave the Merchandiser Newspapers to work for Hair Club for Men & Women. She has helped her customers regain their confidence back, even save relationships. Joanne, having had a strong sales background, quickly gained notice from the franchise owners. She became a trainer for all new consultants within the franchise while still responsible for her own sales volume. This was the one job she regretted leaving because of the emotional reward it brings.

Later, Joanne joined National Trade Productions to be their national sales manager. The opportunity to work for larger trade organizations such as the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Diving Equipment & Manufacturing Assoc. (DEMA) caught Joanne’s eye when a recruiter for the company contacted her. Since Joanne saw this as an opportunity to further grow her career and knowledge in Marketing & Sales, we gladly welcomed the opportunity.

Joanne has leveraged her relationships in the success of her career so far but knew that there was still something missing. She was always chosen to be a sales manager but knew that she needed more. Joanne started looking into joining a Masters Program to acquire the skills needed to be a strong business manager. She needed to understand financial management, risk, and strategy. She knew she had the right set of skills and experience for all areas of sales and marketing, but in order to become a Vice President, Joanne knew she needed to invest in herself and do so with 150% dedication.

This became the right decision and she was asked to speak in front of the graduating class. Her academic excellence and voluntary projects did not go unnoticed. Citibank hires Joanne after earning her Masters degree and asked her to lead a major turn around at Citi Philippines. Branches needed to sell. It was not a simple task and proved to be challenging but Joanne was able to successfully integrate sales in the culture where compliance and operations were given 90% more effort. Joanne was able to use everything she learned from years in door-to-door sales, print advertising, tradeshow marketing, and relationship selling. She retrained the people at Citi who credits their success and performance to Joanne.

Knowing that she wished to go back to the United States, Joanne was approached by Philippine National Bank to head their business expansion and turnaround plans.  The role and scale of its operations allowed Joanne to take on new challenges within the financial services industry and still apply what she has grown to love, sales. 

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