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Jason Palumbo is US-expat living in Germany since 2006 who first and foremost loves his role as loving husband and father. Living in the EU has been easily the greatest growing experience of his life and he strongly advocates for the importance of travel to learn the vast cultures our world has to offer.  Upon landing in Germany in 2006 it was apparent from the unending questions about American culture that an unofficial role of “US Ambassador” had been obtained. Jason regularly meets with EU citizens to discuss US culture and how much it has changed the world over time.

During his early life, Jason was inspired the most by his own teachers, professors, and coaches. He took his first coaching role in gymnastics at the age of 10 and never forgot the joy he felt when then young gymnasts thanked him for the help, he gave the athletes. He continues to find joy in helping others achieve their goals.

Leaving the comfort zone of the US behind led to the most challenging and rewarding chapters of his life. The loss of the English language as the most valuable tool for communication was his most humbling experience and Jason takes pride in not only speaking German but also developing and delivering training content and cross-cultural seminars in German.

He soon recognized that Customer Service in Germany was lacking in comparison with the US in both passion and friendliness. He developed companywide seminars which were designed to create lasting and joyful customer experiences. Using the Voice of the Customer as True North to guide companies in both growth of successful customer experiences and reduction of defects was and still is his emphasis.

At Amazon from 2011-2015, he toured the EU, US, and Africa delivering seminars to help ingrain the chief company value, “Customer Obsession” in Senior Level New Hires. He grew program grew from 145 participants in 2011 to over ten thousand in 2015.

During that time, he created nine traveling CS remote teams which delivered the program session in all HQs and Logistic centers.

At Performance Solutions, he learned the theory of “Reverse Thinking” for the Customer. “Reverse Thinking” means to start planning a company strategy based on the ideal customer experience you wish to develop and work backward from that perfect experience. Jason finds “Reverse Thinking” to be a hugely rewarding concept to apply to any branch of business and has personally witnessed entire company cultures changing for the better when Reverse Thinking is embraced.


Currently, he visits companies and helps them transform or develop from ground zero their company values based on Reverse Thinking.

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